Altrincham Football Club ‘in the community’ (AITC) are based at the J.Davidson Stadium,  Moss Lane, Altrincham, which is the football home of Altrincham FC senior men’s team. Formed in 1891, Altrincham Football Club have been the heart of football in South Manchester for 125 years. Currently, Altrincham FC are competing in ‘The National Conference North’ league, after three seasons playing at a higher level in ‘The National League’.

Altrincham Football Club ‘in the community’ (AITC) is a registered charity, providing football and sports coaching in Altrincham to schools and community organisations, as well as funding various social and adult teams within the club. During January 2015, Altrincham FC opened a Community Sports Hall on site after receiving grant funding and carrying out fundraising events to help fund the project. Having this facility has given the club a hub for their community work and has allowed AITC to widen the range of activities and sessions they can offer to local residents.

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