Frequently asked Questions…..

1.       Why is the club investing in a Community Sports Hall?

The club has been an important part of the community for 100 years.  We believe that being part of this community means putting something back and this is a much needed facility for people to access sport and leisure.  The CSH will also attract more people to Moss Lane during the week, increase revenue from sponsorship and from functions and provide higher quality facilities for home and away supporters on a matchday

2.       How much is the club contributing to the new facility?

The club’s financial contribution will be limited to an interest free loan of £25,000 which will be repayable when the Project moves into surplus

3.       How much funding is required?

The total cost of the project is £750,000.  We anticipate securing £550,000 in the form of grants with £200,000 being raised by the community.  This will be a challenge.  But if we can meet it, then the club, our supporters, our community and partners will have helped build a facility that will provide local people with affordable opportunities to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle

4.       How much of the £200,000 has been secured to date?

We will be launching our ‘totaliser’  very soon, so will not release progress until that time. We can say that the response has been really good, and surpassed our expectations for this stage of the project. There are a variety of ways in which people, partners and local businesses can donate (see the Donations section) and every one will make a difference.



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